Nutonian Shows Off Data Science Automation to Congress

Posted by Jay Schuren

8/14/14 10:00 AM

In June Nutonian, along with a number of leaders from national research facilities and companies, was invited to present to Congress to showcase the scientific and technical advancements happening across the country. This conference was organized by the National User Facility Organization (NUFO), which represents national research facilities open to the public.

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Nutonian Piercing the Veil of Distortion Over Mission-Critical Images

Posted by Jay Schuren

8/12/14 10:00 AM

Imaging and advanced characterization are at the heart of a range of industries across aircraft component inspections, medical imaging, CPU manufacturing and more. As society continues to push the envelope in technological innovation, demand for the best quantitative characterization possible is always present. Distortion, or warping of image data, arises from the imaging equipment itself; common examples are fish eye lenses or fun house mirrors. A little-discussed issue is that changing the instrument settings often changes the distortion – limiting peak characterization performance across fields, reducing accuracy and escalating time and effort for discovery. 

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#DataDrivenNYC: Entrepreneurs should strive for simplicity, clarity, and customer proximity

Posted by Jon Millis

7/24/14 10:00 AM

Data Driven NYC is a community of tech enthusiasts passionate about big data, data technologies, and data-driven products and businesses. The community hosts monthly meet-ups featuring presentations from start-ups and entrepreneurs. At its most recent get-together, Chris Lynch, a serial-entrepreneur-turned-VC, sat down with the group to speak about current tech market conditions and how to get an idea funded. 

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Nutonian Gives Back

Posted by Matt Fleming

12/10/13 10:37 AM

Everyone at Nutonian is thrilled to announce the launch of a free academic license program for Eureqa.  The program formally makes the Eureqa desktop software free for students, faculty and staff at K-12 schools and accredited universities.  

With over 40,000 unique users to date, Eureqa has already been cited in 90 independent, peer-reviewed research journals and papers, and has been used at over 400 schools and universities worldwide.  This program promises to offer those in academia a powerful, free tool for quickly gaining understanding from data collected during research.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Nutonian!!

Posted by Jess Lin

11/28/13 9:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Nutonian!

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Nutonian @ Boston Data Fest

Posted by Jess Lin

11/11/13 12:46 PM

Thanks to all of you that joined us at this year's first ever Boston Data Festival! We were able to attend a few of the presentations, hear from some very smart startups around the Boston area, and get a chance to talk to the attendees. Our very own Mike Schmidt talked about the origins and possibilities of Eureqa and Nutonian at the Startup Showcase on Friday and we saw great response to his presentation.

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"Through the Wormhole" Rerun Schedule - Nutonian

Posted by Matt Fleming

7/12/13 11:20 AM

Hi Folks,

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