Nutonian's Apple in the Big Apple

Posted by Jess Lin

8/11/14 9:30 AM

On July 31st, Nutonian’s very own Michael Schmidt travelled to New York to present at the NYC Machine Learning meetup group. Speaking in front of a packed house at Pivotal headquarters, Michael shared his challenges and experiences in the analytics space. After walking through his first forays into machine learning, he introduced his advances in the field of evolutionary computation in the form of Eureqa®. This breakthrough in machine learning techniques autonomously detects the fundamental laws and rules that drive a system, delivering accelerated actionability and strategic value to the business users who have needed it the most.

Want to hear Michael speak at your next meetup? Talk to us!

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#DataDrivenNYC: Entrepreneurs should strive for simplicity, clarity, and customer proximity

Posted by Jon Millis

7/24/14 10:00 AM

Data Driven NYC is a community of tech enthusiasts passionate about big data, data technologies, and data-driven products and businesses. The community hosts monthly meet-ups featuring presentations from start-ups and entrepreneurs. At its most recent get-together, Chris Lynch, a serial-entrepreneur-turned-VC, sat down with the group to speak about current tech market conditions and how to get an idea funded. 

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How Nutonian almost won $1B

Posted by Jess Lin

4/2/14 1:00 PM

We journeyed out to Chicago for the first day of March Madness, armed with Eureqa and our final bracket for the NCAA tournament. While the chaos of this year's March Madness may have cheated us out of Buffett's $1B, we have enjoyed a pretty decent bracket (with what appears to be more successful predictions this weekend). It's not cheating to use Eureqa™ to make confident bracket predictions (and explain them!) without spending hours watching ESPN or poring over analyst reports.

Why March Madness?

March Madness is one of the most popular annual sporting events in the US, and for those of us who are less than basketball savvy, it was an incredibly fun challenge. Quicken Loans offered $1B to anyone that could accurately predict the winners of all 63 games (OK, this may have had an influence on our decision as well). More commonly known as Buffett's Billion Dollar Challenge, the contest sparked intense excitement as thousands searched for the hidden keys to unlocking this perfect bracket.

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Topics: Eureqa, March Madness, Chicago, Meetup

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