Predicting a Bond’s Next Trade Price with Eureqa: Part 2

Posted by Jess Lin

11/26/13 10:00 AM

In my previous post, we walked through the process of using Eureqa to predict the next price a bond will trade at. Starting with a massive spreadsheet with >760,000 rows and 61 columns, we were able to generate 11 equations to describe the data in 20 minutes. While I focused on just one of the equations, there is still more we can learn from Eureqa.

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Predicting a Bond’s Next Trade Price with Eureqa

Posted by Jess Lin

11/21/13 1:30 PM

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Investors use predicted bond trade prices to inform their trading decisions throughout the day. While bond yield curves can be used to help make decisions, there are many other factors that could help predict a bond’s next trading price. 

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Topics: Eureqa, Tutorial, Making predictions

Customer Spotlight: Cypress Point Technologies

Posted by Jess Lin

11/12/13 10:00 AM

We have amazing customers doing even more amazing things with their data. As we hear from our customers with their stories, we will be sharing them with you here on our blog. Hopefully they will help inspire you to think about what more you could be doing with your own data! Contact us if you have a case study using Eureqa you would like to share as well.

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