Industry Trends at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Posted by Jon Millis

4/15/16 9:30 AM

In our market ascent, Nutonian has noticed that many of our most “cutting-edge” customers are biotech and healthcare companies. From drug demand forecasting to clinical trials analysis, Eureqa has been a critical cog in helping companies go from raw data to pattern detection, pinpoint forecasts, and root cause discoveries.

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Topics: Eureqa, Healthcare, Biotech

The Road to Recovery: Automated data science will drive important discoveries and efficiencies in healthcare

Posted by Jon Millis

11/11/15 10:00 AM

Healthcare drives people mad. There’s nothing neutral or uncontroversial about it. Politicians argue about it, countries overspend on it, citizens fret about it. Providers walk a fine line between providing quality care for the sake of positive patient outcomes, while routinely being incentivized to package quantity over quality. Insurers are customer-focused corporations trying to provide a universal good, while also acting as “rational players” seeking to line their pockets. Patients, meanwhile, are the ones with true skin in the game. After all, as the cabaret of politics, insurers, lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies spins and twirls, what some people keep seeming to forget is that healthcare is inherently about the patient. And at some point in our lives, to better our existences and our enjoyment of life, we’re all patients.

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Topics: Eureqa, Healthcare

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