Demystifying Data Science, Part 3: Scaling data science

Posted by Lakshmikant Shrinivas

5/15/15 9:45 AM

In my last post in this series, I spoke about what goes into a data science workflow. The current state of the art in data science is not ideal; the value of data is limited by our understanding of it, and the current process to go from data to understanding is pretty tedious. The right tools make all the difference. Imagine cutting a tree with an axe instead of a chainsaw. If you were cutting trees for a living, wouldn’t you prefer the chainsaw? Even if you only had to cut trees occasionally, wouldn’t you prefer a chainsaw, because, well, chainsaw! The key here is automation. Ideally you want as much of a process automated as you can, for the sake of productivity.

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Topics: Big data, Demystifying data science, Scaling data science

Demystifying Data Science, Part 2: Anatomy of a data science workflow

Posted by Lakshmikant Shrinivas

4/22/15 10:00 AM

“Data Science” is a pretty hot topic these days. But what is it exactly? Before I learned about data science, my reaction to it could be best described with the following cartoon:

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Topics: Big data, Demystifying data science, Data science workflow

Demystifying Data Science, Part 1: My Transition from Infrastructure to Machine Intelligence™

Posted by Lakshmikant Shrinivas

4/6/15 10:00 AM

A lot of people thought I was crazy for leaving one of the hottest, most innovative big data companies of the last 10 years, to join another start-up.

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Topics: Big data, Machine Intelligence, Demystifying data science

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