Machine Intelligence with Michael Schmidt: OpenAI and doomsday artificial intelligence

Posted by Michael Schmidt

6/1/16 9:30 AM

Speaking at the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) last week, I discussed where artificial intelligence is going, what it will automate, and what its impact will be on science, business, and jobs. While the impact from Eureqa has been overwhelmingly positive, many are warning about a darker future:

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Topics: Artificial intelligence, Reinforcement learning, OpenAI

Machine Intelligence with Michael Schmidt: IBM’s Watson, Eureqa, and the race for smart machines

Posted by Michael Schmidt

5/16/16 11:12 AM

Three months ago I spoke at a conference affectionately titled “Datapalooza” sponsored by IBM. My talk covered how modern AI can infer the features and transformations that make raw data predictive. I’m not sure exactly how many IBM people were in the crowd, but two IBM database and analytics leads grabbed me after the talk:

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Topics: Machine Intelligence, IBM Watson, Artificial intelligence

Analyze This: 6 Ways Retailers Put Artificial Intelligence To Work

Posted by Jon Millis

5/4/16 12:08 PM

This week Retail TouchPoints, a leading retail analytics media company, ran an article by Scott Howser, our SVP of Products and Marketing. Scott is seemingly always on the cutting-edge of big data, data science, and AI, having spent time driving success at companies like Vertica (acquired by HP), Hadapt (acquired by Teradata), and now Nutonian. Retail TouchPoints sought Scott's expertise to find out how retailers are leveraging the latest hot technology: artificial intelligence. The article, "Analyze This: 6 Ways Retailers Put Artificial to Work," is reproduced below. 

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Topics: New store optimization, Sales forecasting, Artificial intelligence, Retail, Retail TouchPoints, Staffing

NSF Uses Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Illegal Tiger Poaching

Posted by Jon Millis

4/26/16 9:23 AM

AI to the rescue. Forget doomsday scenarios of robots transforming humans into paperclips. This time it’s more positive. The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced it’s turned to artificial intelligence as a critical weapon in the fight against poaching.

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Topics: Artificial intelligence

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