Customer Spotlight: Profusion Analytics

Posted by Jon Millis

13.10.2014 10:16 AM

Customers from energy to healthcare to communications are leveraging Eureqa to transform their data into gold. As customers tell us their stories, we’ll continue to share them with you on our blog. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to start thinking about how your company can leverage machine intelligence for a significant competitive advantage. Contact us if you have a Eureqa case study you would like to share.

profusion_logo-final-whiteKnowledge is power. For cable providers, it’s also more efficient troubleshooting, happier customers and more revenue. Yet until recently, knowledge about how to optimize cable networks and detect service disruptions was underwhelming. If a customer or neighborhood faced a connection problem, cable companies would dispatch a
number of vehicles in a “truck roll”, sending employees and thousands of dollars worth of equipment to tap into the local cable nodes and take the pulse of the broadcast spectrum. From there, they relied on the expertise and hunches of their employees to diagnose and patch up the issue at hand.

Fortunately, advances in modem chip set technology have made virtually every modem and cable box smarter. Modems are now almost universally equipped with tiny data tracking mechanisms that give cable providers a transparent view of their downstream broadcast spectrum. This means that when a subscriber calls in with an issue, a customer service representative can work to solve it remotely, keeping subscribers happy and saving the cable company time and money. But streamlining the data acquisition process does nothing to fundamentally change how networks are monitored and mended.

Profusion Analytics, a predictive analytics company in Greenwood, Colorado, empowers some of the largest cable providers in the country to pinpoint network problems quickly and accurately, often before the customer even knows an issue existed.

For more details, read the full case study here.

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