Nutonian’s Hat is Ready for the 2015 Kentucky Derby – Is Yours?

Posted by Jess Lin

30.04.2015 03:30 PM

2015 Kentucky Derby 1Get ready to swap out your hockey jerseys for your most fabulous hats and put down the Bud Light for some refreshing mint juleps – it’s Derby Time! Here at Nutonian, we’re still watching how our predictions for the 2015 Stanley Cup play out, but we’re already champing at the bit for this year’s 141st Kentucky Derby. With last year’s success under our belt (top 4 horses across the wire and perfect predictions for #1, #3 and #5!), we’re turning back to Eureqa’s automated model discovery application to help us find the colt that will be running away with this year’s blanket of roses.

With plenty of Kentucky Derby betting advice flooding the news, both helpful and unhelpful, we’re sticking with our winning combination of our virtual data scientist, Eureqa, plus’s unique handicapping data, to come up with our own rankings. Have some data of your own? Try it out yourself on Eureqa and see how your predictions turn out. Come back after the race to compare how you fared against our approach!

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