Eureqa vs the Kentucky Derby: Triple the Hat, Triple the Fun

Posted by Jess Lin

07.05.2016 01:07 PM


KentuckyDerby2016.jpegAfter 2 years in a row of coming up roses, we’ve got our sights set on a 3rd year of success with the Kentucky Derby. We’ve got our handicapping data from and we’ve prepped with plenty of mint juleps (drinks help you bet smarter, right?). Now we’ve spent the past couple days combining Eureqa’s data discovery horsepower with the raw horse power on the track to find out who’ll be in the winner’s circle for the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby.

Rather than skimming through the daily racing form  before madly rushing the tellers with our bets, we turned to our tame A.I.-powered modeling engine, Eureqa, to automatically build, evaluate, and analyze billions of models to discover the most predictive factors. Eureqa’s machine intelligence lets us read and interpret the models, helping us steer the engine towards fruitful paths and away from red herrings. In the end, we found a model that combined these 5 key factors:

  • Standardized live odds probability
  • Speed over the past two races
  • Post position
  • Racing style
  • Track conditions

So where does that leave us?

Eureqa’s Top 5:

  1. Nyquist
  2. Gun Runner
  3. Exaggerator
  4. Creator
  5. Mohaymen

Want to try your paces with your own data against Eureqa? Come talk to us — and in the meantime, check back with us after the race to see how our predictions have panned out. With Eureqa at the wheel, we’re sure we’ll be riding “derby”.

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One response to “Eureqa vs the Kentucky Derby: Triple the Hat, Triple the Fun”

  1. sandoz alain says:

    Hi, I have races data I submitted to logistic regression run with R .
    I would be very interested to see how it goes with Eureqa.
    How should I proceed?

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