Derby Did You Know… Eureqa Edition

Posted by Jess Lin

01.05.2015 05:30 PM


With the Kentucky Derby just over 24 hours away and Kentucky Oaks kicking off tonight, hype and excitement for tomorrow’s race has been ramping up quickly here at Nutonian. Experts with decades of experience have been busy throwing their hats into the Derby ring, but Eureqa is helping even us amateurs discover the underlying factors that define Kentucky Derby winners. While betting the Derby is certainly a different beast from picking a winner, we’ve had fun comparing how betting odds compare against our models.

So what does Eureqa know that all the experts are missing?

  • Don’t overestimate jockey experience
  • Horse experience may not be as important as you think
  • While half of the field has the same running style, only a few key factors determine which horses will be able to handle the new pressure


We’ll post our Kentucky Derby predictions tomorrow before the race, so make sure to come back next week and see how we’ve done!

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2 responses to “Derby Did You Know… Eureqa Edition”

  1. Christopher Stokely says:

    What were the results of the recent Derby?

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