Customer Spotlight: Rio Tinto

Posted by Jess Lin

19.12.2013 10:34 AM

We have amazing customers doing even more amazing things with their data. As we hear from our customers with their stories, we will be sharing them with you here on our blog. Hopefully they will help inspire you to think about what more you could be doing with your own data! Contact us if you have a case study using Eureqa you would like to share as well.

Rio Tinto

As a major supplier of iron and steel powder to North American, Europe, and Asia auto parts industries, Rio Tinto, Fer et Titane (RTFT), carefully watches specifications for the products it manufactures to ensure consistent product quality. RTFT has seen a large increase in demand for steel powder recently, as many manufacturers have been switching to an efficient powder-based manufacturing approach. However, changing specifications in one of their iron powders was resulting in some batches not passing Rio Tinto’s high standards for quality.

Marko Litalien, Superintendent of Process Development for RTFT’s Steel and Powder Division, decided to try out Eureqa after seeing its past success in deriving laws of physics. After only 45 minutes of searching through the mountains of data Litalien provided, Eureqa was able to find a variable that was linked to the slipping specification, one that none of the engineers had previously considered. The R&D engineers had to spend several days confirming the variable’s effect on the specification, but the team saw success immediately after putting controls on the variable into effect. The process engineer overseeing the change commented, “We’re living in an era where we have an enormous amount data that no one really understands. When I see software like this that can take that data and make sense of it, I think we’re going in the right direction.”

For more details, read the full case study here!

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