Nutonian Gives Back

Posted by Matt Fleming

10.12.2013 10:37 AM

Everyone at Nutonian is thrilled to announce the launch of a free academic license program for Eureqa.  The program formally makes the Eureqa desktop software free for students, faculty and staff at K-12 schools and accredited universities.  

With over 40,000 unique users to date, Eureqa has already been cited in 90 independent, peer-reviewed research journals and papers, and has been used at over 400 schools and universities worldwide.  This program promises to offer those in academia a powerful, free tool for quickly gaining understanding from data collected during research.

“Our research is focused on developing a more accurate model of the propagation of Space Weather Storms through the universe,” explained Dr. Roger Dube, Research Professor at the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT. “Accurate models are essential for us to alert astronauts to dangerous streams of particles and radiation so that they can take appropriate precautions. As scientists, we’d like to think that we could formulate mathematical models that completely describe the interaction of these storms as they travel through space, but in fact, we are often surprised by how the real world works. Eureqa’s value is that it can create descriptive models of these very complex systems in a fast, systematic way without any preconceived notion of the parameters and how they interact.  In the case of our own research, Eureqa may literally be a lifesaver.”

For more information on the Eureqa academic license program, please visit the press release.


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2 responses to “Nutonian Gives Back”

  1. Hector Bayona says:

    This is great! Is this free Academic License for USA only or Latin America countries can also benefit from it. Regards,
    Hector Bayona

  2. Matt Fleming says:

    Hi Hector,

    The program is available worldwide.



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