Customer Spotlight: Radnostics

Posted by Jess Lin

19.11.2013 10:00 AM

We have amazing customers doing even more amazing things with their data. As we hear from our customers with their stories, we will be sharing them with you here on our blog. Hopefully they will help inspire you to think about what more you could be doing with your own data! Contact us if you have a case study using Eureqa you would like to share as well.

The diagnosis of acute appendicitis requires immediate surgery in cases where the appendix is still intact. To avoid exposing children to ionizing radiation in CT scans, ultrasound can be used to detect other features of the appendix and the surrounding area, but is unable to directly reveal the presence or absence of a perforation in the appendix. A team led by Dr. Einat Blumfield worked to discover the specific, associated ultrasound findings that would accurately point to perforation. Given the ultrasound images of 161 subjects diagnosed with acute appendicitis, the researchers needed to find a model that would identify correlations in the data.

Anthony Blumfield, the statistical modeler for the team, got a suggestion from his former classmate Hod Lipson (now advisor to Nutonian), to download Eureqa and use the power of symbolic regression to find a model for the data. After setting the software to work, Anthony Blumfield returned a couple hours later to find that the software had already found a model that predicted perforation as accurately as CT scans. More surprisingly, the model had discovered age categories that better defined which ultrasound findings would predict perforation. “We want to look at clinical findings that are associated with perforation such as duration of symptoms, white blood count, and fever,” Dr. Einat Blumfield explains. “We’ll then use Eureqa to search for a formula that combines ultrasound findings and clinical findings, and we hope to achieve an even higher level of accuracy.”

For more details, read the full case study here!


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