What is Eureqa?

Posted by Michael Schmidt

28.06.2013 03:55 PM

Eureqa is a program that you can download that takes data entered into a spreadsheet…

What is Eureqa?

and attempts to find the simplest and most predictive equations that model the variables in the data:

Screenshot of Eureqa

This is the core technology built into Eureqa − searching over the infinite possible ways of modeling data to find the best and most useful explanation.

As a developer of Eureqa, I’m using this blog to document techniques for using Eureqa effectively and to share tips and tricks for getting the most insight possible out of your data. If you are already a Eureqa user or interested in this type of technology, be sure to follow this blog or forward it to others.

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2 responses to “What is Eureqa?”

  1. Hi Michael Schmidt,
    I like your software Eureqa very much it is not just a software but also a intelligent algorithm that detect patterns in chaos. I used it into my research on distribution of prime numbers.
    I kindly request to you that, please if you send me the source code and algorithms of Eureqa then I can possibly modified it that is helpful to my research on prime numbers. Thanks

  2. Claudio Alej says:

    Thanks for your time, your posts are amazing !!!!

    Thanks again,

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