Business Analytics: Simple is Better. Always.

How to Master Business Planning with Time Series Forecasting

Eureqa Hits Wall Street; Automatically Identifies Key Predictive Relationships

Machine Intelligence with Michael Schmidt: Searching data for causation

The “First Mover’s” Analytics Stack, 2015 vs. 2016

Machine Intelligence with Michael Schmidt: Analytical models predict and describe the world around us

Machine Intelligence with Michael Schmidt: OpenAI and doomsday artificial intelligence

Machine Intelligence with Michael Schmidt: IBM’s Watson, Eureqa, and the race for smart machines

Eureqa vs the Kentucky Derby: Triple the Hat, Triple the Fun

Using Machine Intelligence to Understand the Student Loan Problem

Analyze This: 6 Ways Retailers Put Artificial Intelligence To Work

NSF Uses Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Illegal Tiger Poaching

The Perils of Black Box Machine Learning: Baseball, Movies, and Predicting Deaths in Game of Thrones

Industry Trends at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

The Road to Recovery: Automated data science will drive important discoveries and efficiencies in healthcare

Machine Intelligence Strips Off Our Data Science Blinders

Intelligent Partners: Man and the Machine

Are Machines Partners or Foes?

The Golden Age of Analytics

How to Anchor Your Fantasy Football Team: Using Advanced Analytics to Pick the Best Available Quarterback

Eureqa Will Augment – But Not Replace – Engineers

Data Scientists Don’t Scale. Machine Intelligence Does.

Letter from a Grateful Hobbyist Who's Predicting the Financial Markets with Eureqa

Trading Necessitates Speed Along Every Step of the Data Pipeline

Demystifying Data Science, Part 3: Scaling data science

In the Winner's Circle with Nutonian - Kentucky Derby Recap

Nutonian's Predictions for the 2015 Kentucky Derby

Derby Did You Know... Eureqa Edition

Nutonian’s Hat is Ready for the 2015 Kentucky Derby - Is Yours?

Demystifying Data Science, Part 2: Anatomy of a data science workflow

Nutonian Takes its Shot at NHL Playoff Predictions

The Elephant in the Room at the Gartner BI Summit

Do Investors Rely on Too Much Information or Not Enough?

Demystifying Data Science, Part 1: My Transition from Infrastructure to Machine Intelligence™

Convert Data to Intelligence, Faster

Customer Spotlight: NASA

Customer Spotlight: Profusion Analytics

Stop Talking About Big Data

Nutonian Shows Off Data Science Automation to Congress

Nutonian Piercing the Veil of Distortion Over Mission-Critical Images

Nutonian's Apple in the Big Apple

#DataDrivenNYC: Entrepreneurs should strive for simplicity, clarity, and customer proximity

Eureqa Distills the Importance of Key Factors in Porsche Performance

Belmont's Stake in the Heart of the Triple Crown

What's Nutonian's Stake at the Belmont?

One Hat to Rule Them All

Is Nutonian’s Hat Big Enough for the Kentucky Derby?

How we beat stats guru Nate Silver – with only 2 days and a $7.56 budget

How Nutonian almost won $1B

March Madness Meets Moneyball

Customer Spotlight: University of Vermont

Webinar: Update from the CEO

How to Classify Evergreen Content with Machine Learning and Eureqa

Customer Spotlight: Rio Tinto

Nutonian Gives Back

Extracting actionable insights from Big Data

Advanced Regression Analysis for Excel

Happy Thanksgiving from Nutonian!!

Predicting a Bond’s Next Trade Price with Eureqa: Part 2

Predicting a Bond’s Next Trade Price with Eureqa

Customer Spotlight: Radnostics

Predicting Financial Delinquency Using Credit Scoring Data

Customer Spotlight: Cypress Point Technologies

Nutonian @ Boston Data Fest

Predicting Liability Insurance Claim Payments with Vehicle Data

Customer Spotlight: Performance Genetics

Nutonian Raises $4M in Series A Funding

Using Eureqa to Predict Sales Next Quarter

How does Eureqa Compare to Other Machine Learning Methods?

Nutonian Welcomes Kevin Burke as VP of Business Development

Nutonian Adds Lakshmikant Shrinivas to Engineering Team

What is Symbolic Regression (and how does Eureqa use it)?

"Through the Wormhole" Rerun Schedule - Nutonian

Working with discontinuous data in Eureqa

Setting and using validation data with Eureqa

Use time-delays or time-lags of a variable in Eureqa

Custom error metrics and special Search Relations in Eureqa

Using date and time variables

Normalizing data variables in Eureqa

Modeling a derivative such as velocity or acceleration

Modeling a binary yes/no output

Modeling outputs that have a range of values

What is Eureqa?

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